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ARTICLE 157 From the exhibition
1- Only the author can exhibit or authorize, others to publicly exhibit their works of art.
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Form and content of the reproduction contract

1-The reproduction of the creations of plastic, graphic and applied arts, design, architecture projects and urbanization plans can only be done by the author or by others with his authorization.
2- The authorization referred to in the previous article must be given in writing, it is presumed to be onerous and may be subject to conditions.
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Infringement and defense of copyright and related rights

ARTICLE 195 Usurpation
1 - The crime of usurpation commits anyone who, without authorization from the author or the artist, from the phonogram and videogram producer or from the broadcasting organization, uses a work or performance in any of the ways provided for in this Code.

ARTICLE 196 Counterfeiting
1 - Anyone who uses, as his creation or performance, work, artist performance, phonogram, videogram or broadcast broadcast, which is a mere total or partial reproduction of another's work or performance, disclosed or not disclosed, commits the crime of counterfeiting. such a similar way that it has no individuality of its own.

ARTICLE 197 Penalties

1 - The crimes provided for in the preceding articles are punishable by imprisonment of up to three years and a fine of 150 to 250 days, according to the gravity of the offense, aggravated over and over again in the event of a repeat offense, if the constitutive fact of the offense. offense does not characterize a crime punishable by a more serious penalty.

2 - In the crimes provided for in this title, negligence is punishable by a fine of 50 to 150 days.

3 - In the event of a repeat offense, there is no suspension of sentence.

ARTICLE 198 Violation of moral rights
The penalties provided for in the previous article are punished:

a) Anyone who arrogates the paternity of a performance work that he knows does not belong to him;

b) Anyone who attacks the genuineness or integrity of the work or performance, performing an act that distorts it and may affect the honor or reputation of the author or artist.